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26th October 2014

In 1921 Guccio Gucci started to experiement with leather goods and luggage. Inspired by English nobility, he proceeded to incorportate the unique skills of his home country Italy into his work. By 1960 his product were the treasured possessions of the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Liz Taylor, as Gucci took the world by storm.


Spring/Summer 2015 sees the Gucci collection embrace a number of themes and clash them together like two great fashion cymbals to create a fortissimo of looks in a way that only Gucci could. Taking influences from Eastern lands and time forgotten, the collections merge delicate florals with sexy 70s glam- rich bold suedes and rock and roll cuts celebrating a decade described as a pivot of change, a time when the liberty of women was continuing to grow and the world started to become far more politically aware, themes that are still particularly prominent today. Indeed it is almost as though Gucci are reminding us of a time when real change happened, insisting that it can happen again and reigniting that passion within us.

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Not content only to explore two themes, Gucci’s S/S 15 collections have also dipped into naval and military influences, with big brass buttons and sailor style bottoms. Interestingly, Gucci’s male collections seem almost effeminate, softening the male outline, whilst their female collections are almost sharper, bolder and far more masculine.

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One has to question the fashion houses choice of inspiration in relation to what is happening in the world around us today. It seems almost that their female collections mirror the continuing victories that women are experiencing year on year – the strength that they have to fight FGM, domestic violence and obtaining equal pay, whilst making the male collections slightly more effeminate has echoes of how our male counterparts are becoming more and more aware of the equal treatment of women. Unboxing gender stereotyping, Gucci allows for the wearer to be true to who they really are.

With their nod to naval and military styling, Gucci ensures to keep our armed forces at the forefront of our minds as war continues to rage. This new collection truly speaks volumes.