Fashion News


18th May 2015

Encompassing all things South of France from landscape to memories and claiming to be a Utopian projects that embraces earth, sky and sea, the Christian Dior Cruise collection of 2016 is one to look out for as we hit spring and summer of next year.

Soft, earthy colours, the hand spun feel and collaged lurex fabrics designed to look almost like tapestry’s, reflect strong French tradition and its values, whilst the clash against Utilitarian designs and the elegance of many of the pieces, gives the collection a futuristic, modern feel.

“I wanted an idea of freedom, playfulness and individuality to come to the fore in this collection, especially in consideration of the Dior archive,” explains Raf Simons, a Belgian Designer and Creative Fashion Director at the House Of Dior. “It is not a heavy concept; it is light and young and there is a literal lightening of this clothing to make it fresh. Much of the design architecture comes from Mr Dior’s manteaux, his coats. But the heavy fabric is stripped away, the scale is played with and elements of their style are ‘collaged’ into other forms and garments.”

One can’t help but feel the Dior would approve whole-heartedly. His collections have always been famously wearable, celebrating the grace and elegance of the female form and as his predecessors continue to take his name forward, his legacy continues too.