Fashion News


26th October 2014

Whilst it is undeniable that popular culture such as television and film influence fashion, it is perhaps art that holds the most influence on the clothes that we wear and that we see displayed on the catwalks season after season. Over the last few decades we’ve seen the influences of Baroque and Pop Art scattered amongst various collections, adorning jackets, t-shirts and dresses in both menswear and womenswear collections.

However, over the last few years it has been the turn of Art Deco to take its place firmly in the fashion domain.



A term coined in the 1920’s and that continued to be a big part of 30’s design, Art Deco reflected societies changing need for escape, heavily representing the flapper girls of the 20’s and newly emerging sky scrapers that were forever adapting the landscape of the modern world.


Recently depicted on the Gucci catwalks, the movement was also the chosen design for the latest film release of The Great Gatsby – mirroring that iconic time perfectly. Brought up to date by Gucci, art deco featured in traditional, elegant and somewhat magical, 1920’s fringed gold and black beaded cocktail dresses, but was also brought well and truly into the noughties with cropped jackets that could easily adapt to a modern wardrobe.