Fashion News


4th May 2015

Fashion is a fickle world. Trends come and go with each season, sometimes with each month or week. There are two exceptions to this rule – two that survive each seasonal cull and will continue to survive forever more. The Little Black Dress and denim.

Spring/Summer 2015 is particularly poignant for denim as the blues, blacks and stone washed get a fresh new makeover.

Think tailoring, Military jackets and the ever popular shirt dress, embellished with crystals, shearling and cutwork. This season will see denim doubled up, denim double layered and even triple layered in everything from culottes and shorts to jackets.

Even the humble dungaree has had a re-work – no longer Fresh Prince of Bel Air, they are now chic and kitsch as demonstrated by celebrities from Alexa Chung, Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez to the likes of The Kardashians and Rihanna.

The beauty of denim is its versatility. Team with heels and a delicate top it’s perfect for a night out, coupled with sneakers and a loud tee it’s instantly weekend wear. Denim is also one of the very few trends that can span generations and look as good on a six year old as a sixty year old.

If there’s one staple you buy this year, make sure it’s in denim.