Fashion News


2nd March 2015

A hushed and nervous silence, punctuated only by sharp gasps of air whistled through the audiences teeth and the split second dull thud of a backing track without it’s singer, descended on the O2 Arena as Madonna’s self-proclaimed ‘beautiful Armani cape,’ got the better of her at this year’s Brits, plunging her sprawling backwards down a flight of stairs. Naturally The Queen of Pop styled it out superbly, jumping to her feet and finishing her set. More excitingly however, her cape became the next article to take pride of place in the fashion hall of fame that is Madonna’s wardrobe….and what a wardrobe it is.


From the moment she burst into the spotlight in the 1980’s Madonna has always held her own in the fashion stakes. The Gaultier conical bra – now a staple at fancy dress parties – is unquestionably ‘hers,’ much like the purple leotard of Hung Up fame. Never afraid to experiment, the singer has challenged every ideal, stuck two proverbial fingers up to ‘the rules,’ (who said the over fifties can’t rock butt skimming Lycra) and has quite literally defined generations -women bombarded hair salons in their droves, begging for the dirty blonde Madonna poodle perm as they hitched up their black tutu’s and slung on their faded leather jackets. Changing her look with dedicated consistency and creativity, Madonna has taught women worldwide to embrace who they are and to celebrate their individuality.


‘The fall,’ will forever take its place in the history of the Brits, but it was the culprit that will be remembered more so. We can’t wait for the next piece to join the wardrobe of the undisputed Queen of Pop.