Fashion News


26th October 2014

It could not be denied that Gucci took strong influence from the 70s during their September shows ahead of Spring/Summer 2015. Merging almost autumnal colours – rich reds, deep beiges and olive greens with iconic 70s glam, the fashion house whipped time gone by into bang on trend. Awash with Gucci silks and luxurious suede and the softest feathering, the collections focused on rock and roll cuts, cropped trousers and soft flaring. The centre piece of the entire collection was the return of the iconic Jackie Gucci bag – a timeless classic that has truly earned its resurrection on the catwalk.

This collection was utterly appropriate for the approaching Spring/Summer season, taking its opportunity to inject a little of past passion back into our lives and reminding us of an era that shaped how we are today.

The 70s saw the most changes in technological advances and indeed the most dramatic changes in technological advances. Women continued to obtain more and more power than ever before – with Margaret Thatcher finally taking power in 1979. No matter what people believed of her, she was still the first female to take the role as prime minister. The 70s were also a time of glitz and glamour, propelling celebrity further than ever, as demonstrated by the continuing sheer hysteria over the likes of The Beatles. All of these themes are so relevant today in a time when we see women gaining more and more strength in society with campaigns such as banning FGM, changing the laws against rape and domestic violence, all topped off with the moving speech that Emma Watson gave to UN about the equality of women.

Despite making the glitz and glamour of the 70s a little more sophisticated for ss15, Gucci have also highlighted an end to a recession that has wavered over us for the last few years.