Digital Personal Shopping

Digital Personal Shopping

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Renowned Fashion Stylist and personal shopping expert Christina Davydova is excited to deliver a brand new digital personal shopping service that will help you always look great and save you time. With just a few clicks you can experience a whole new world of digital personal shopping, fashion tips, and shopping advice from a leading industry expert with extensive high-end British retail experience. Revive your wardrobe and curate the perfect look for any occasion from the comfort of your own home or desk.

Book a one to one appointment, via phone, video chat, WhatsApp, or email. Discuss your requirements with Christina and she will do the research for you, finding the perfect look to fit your precise style and budget, based on her extensive knowledge of the latest trends and collections. You won’t have to spend hours searching in stores to find what you are looking for, but you will always be part of the process, providing feedback and recommendations throughout.

“The service is based on communication between the client and myself. By booking a digital appointment I will be able to assist and navigate you in the right direction, providing you with the best service possible. This digital shopping service will do the fashion work for you.”

As a Personal Shopper at Harrods, London’s most prestigious department store, and freelance Fashion Stylist, Christina has worked with clients from all over the world and truly understands the needs of the global customer.

“I have a different and more flexible approach,” she says. “With my experience in the industry and knowledge of the collections, I have the expertise and understanding to help you achieve exactly the look you want.” So perhaps you’re searching for an outfit for that special event, want to update your wardrobe entirely, or simply need advice on which trends you should be paying attention to. This digital personal shopping service will change the way you shop forever and allow you to create a wardrobe that really makes a statement.



  1. Book an introductory session with Christina to set out your requirements.
  2. The research progresses, leaving you more time to do, well, whatever you like
  3. Arrange a follow-up session to evaluate the research and offer any recommendations (it’s all about communication)
  4. Make a decision on the outcome of the research